How to switch to Rebble [Tutorial & Video]


Why do you need to switch to Rebble?

As you have noticed, Pebble servers are down since June 2018. It was about time, since Fitbit bought the Pebble software and announced to shut down the servers. They even gave Pebble servers half a year more time than initially annouced. is now here to keep up the Pebble services and keep your Pebble Smartwatches running. Rebble is a team of ex-Pebble employees and developers from the community, who want to keep it up and running for the community (more about the Rebble team here). Pebble Inc. the company sadly doesn't exist anymore.

You need to switch to Rebble (RWS aka Rebble Web Services), to install apps & watchfaces, get firmware updates, use account sync, get language packs and support pages. If you want to use voice dictation and weather services, you can subscribe them for a fee for 3$/month or 33$/year. To understand the weather service: this service is used in the Pebble menu, not in watchfaces. The watchfaces are all using their own weather providiers and will keep running even without the subscription. Voice Dictation will only work with subscription. Read more details on

Migration Video Tutorial


Tutorial: How to switch from Pebble to Rebble

You need to proceed the following steps while having your Pebble App installed. You will also need to set up a new Rebble account with your email. If you would have set up a Rebble account earlier, your Pebble data would have been synced. But as you are reading this now, you have to start from scratch. Means when you have created your rebble account, you have to install and set up all watchfaces and apps from scratch.

  1. Log in your Rebble account at (or create one, if you don't have one) on your mobile device. I'd recommend to use chrome browser on your mobile for this. You also have to have the official Pebble app installed on this device.
  2. Now you can subscribe the paid weather and dictation services, if you like (3$/month or 33$/year). You don't have to.
  3. Last step is visiting on your mobile device to switch the Pebble app to Rebble Web Services!

The boot page contains instructions and caveats, but just as a heads up, iOS users need to wait 15 seconds then tap the yellow exclamation mark to log in, while Android users may need to log out or kill the app, but will eventually see a big red button to press (ignore the orange spinner if present), after which you’re all set (your Pebble may disconnect - that’s OK, just re-connect and you’ll be all set!).

That's it.